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Hello, RIVAL Crimson x Chaos Hack-ers!

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RIVAL Crimson x Chaos Hack

Recently we had to work on server upgrades, in the following days we will release more hacks and methods to get free resources in mobile games. We cannot thank you enough for supporting us and our website. If you enjoy using our hacking service please share it with your friends.

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RIVAL Crimson x Chaos Hack Video Instructions

RIVAL Crimson x Chaos Hack

RIVAL Crimson x Chaos Hack

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RIVAL Crimson x Chaos Hack Instructions

1. Select what device are you using and click Connect
2. Select features and press Generate
3. Wait until the end. Then open the game and enjoy playing with new features

RIVAL Crimson x Chaos Hack Features

★ Unlimited Crimson
★ Unlimited Coins
★ Don’t need to enter your personal data
★ Jailbreak or root is not required
★ Don’t’ need to plug-in your device
★ Guard Protection Script
★ Easy to use user interface
★ Automatic updates
★ No ads
★ Available for all Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS devices

About RIVAL Crimson x Chaos game

Welcome to RIVAL Crimson x Chaos, a multi-player, massive online RTS game that allows mass PVP & GVG battles among players from all over the world. In the game, you will become a rookie chief of a barbarian tribe who is going to embark the journey to hegemony from scratch, you will have to develop your tribe, prosper the economy, build a reliable and invincible army, train ruthless heroes and intimidating dragons to help you conquer the rest competitors and enemies.