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Welcome, you’re probably here for our Hopeless Heroes Hack!

I know…

you got tired from tappin’ the screen to achieve higher goals in your life and show off to your friends how you rock at this game for lazy f*****s like you.

If so? you are in the right spot to make yourself feel good.

About the game

Are you hopeless as Hopeless Heroes? You might say omg…not another tapping game!! Let me guide you through this one, “it’s not just another tapping game but its also boring as hell too”.

Well…, you start as a character named “The Chosen Bob”, who in the world picks a name, Bob right?? The so-called “Hero” named Bob is a yellow chubby character with an ancient sword. To make him more heroic developers decided to add a cape to his fat neck. If your one of the chubs as well you can start by tapping into it.

About the Hopeless Heroes Hack

When you tap the F*** out of your screen and your fingers start to get itchy, you’ll end up spending all of the smileys shaped coins on tap damage or you might simply spend some coins on recruiting some of the fake blob friends such as the fat guy in iron armor called the knight and the archer. Are you sure this is the best choice to level up your character?

Here our Hopeless Heroes Hack comes in handy. You might laugh and point at the screen Nah this doesn’t work, “if it would work then why would you lock every hack with a password”. Let us point you on this one kid if you are so smart you didn’t count on this one…if the hack would be available to anyone, it would be easily exploited and you would not be the kid to show off around the block with the best score in this game.

Instructions for Hopeless Heroes Hack

Omg, you call yourself some kind of hacker because you’ll end up adding some coins to your game and you still need someone to guide you on this one.

Ok…First, it’s better to open this generator in your mobile browser “if you’re lazy for this as well, you start by can connecting your mobile via usb cable to your computer”. Second, select your mobile operating system and click/tap “Connect” and wait 10 days….well don’t be furious its a joke. When your device connects enter a number of coins, gems and click “generate”. After you will activate, the gems and coins will be added to your game.

Do not hesitate and tap into our gems generator to add some freakin’ coins to your game!

Latest update:

Hopeless Heroes Hack

Hopeless Heroes Hack Features

★ Unlimited Coins
★ Unlimited Gems
★ Don’t need to enter your personal data 
★ Jailbreak or root is not required 
★ Plug-in your device and run 
★ Easy to use user interface 
★ No download 
★ No ads
★ Available for all Mac, Windows, Android and iOS devices

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